Victory Comes One Step at a Time

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

 ImageOne step at a time – that’s how I run.  Can I do one more step?  Yes.  Can I do one more mile?  Yes, if I take it one step at a time.  That’s how our women get through labor – one contraction at a time.  Can they do just one more?  Yes, with support they can.  One more, one more, one more.  Then the baby arrives.  Victory.  Marathon work done!

 Can a lady learn to sew at Heartline and make a living?  Yes one step at a time.  Perhaps she can’t read to measure the cloth.  First step, literacy.  One letter at a time.  Can you learn a word?  Yes, one word at a time until it becomes a book.  A book becomes an open world most of us take for granted. 

 Moving the treadle sewing machine peddle one push, one stitch at a time until it becomes a dress, a suit, a purse.  One stitch at a time. 

 Day after day, lesson after lesson, a lady grows and changes and becomes confident.  She’s proud of her work. 

 One step becomes a mile.  My feet pound the dirt, the dust blows up, the vehicles swerve around me.  Fear tries to take hold at mile one spitting out thoughts like it’s too far, I can’t run this far, I’m tired.  Stop.  I tell fear I can do one more step, one more mile, until the miles add up to 12.  I did 12, next week 12 will turn into 16 then 16 will turn into 18 then 18 will turn into 20.  Then on Marathon Day, training will turn into 26.2 miles of victory.

 Any victory comes a step at a time.  A woman who has lived in poverty can make a step to take a class and learn to read.  A woman can learn to cook or sew.  A woman can have a skill and be able to bring money into her home.  Step by step she gets there.  One letter, one word, one stitch, one class, one semester, one year, two years, graduation. 

 A pregnant teen, an unwanted baby.  Fear grips like a noose, tears fall, someone suggests she head to Heartline Maternity.  She takes a step to enter our gate, a strange world where everyone has a giant belly except the midwives.  She fears us but is drowning in hopelessness.  One step at a time we nourish her body, care for the growing baby and earn her trust.  One vitamin, one meal, one class, one prenatal at a time.  Labor comes and she holds our hands, grabs our shoulders, cries our names and works her way through one contraction at a time.  We do it together – step by step.  She emerges a mother.  A loving mother, a victorious mother. 

 So this is why I run.  Step by step.  Footfall by footfall.  Breathe in, breathe out just like we teach our ladies in labor. 

 Our programs are free to our women but they are expensive to run.  Our budget numbers make me dizzy.  Funding is needed.  I’ll run to shout awareness.  I’ll run to state that our women are working hard to be successful but programs need money to function.  Dollar by dollar you can help provide what women need to be cared for and educated.  They do the rest.   They do it step by step. 

 Boston strong step by step.  Successful Haitian women step by step. 

Join us!

 Beth McHoul




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