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Every year, we in the western world celebrate Christmas by giving gifts to others. For some this is easy; they know just the right thing. They nail it. The art of good gift giving is itself a gift. I don’t have it. I dread it, struggle and end up with Amazon gift cards for those on my list.  
How do we keep meaning in how we celebrate the birth of Christ? How do we honor Him and the people we love in a powerful way? How do we keep our gifts from being next year’s regifts? How do we love and give well and not be consumed by consumerism.  How do we keep from being the grinch?
I went to two Heartline sponsor school Christmas parties this weekend. The kids sat all scrubbed clean and dressed fancy while they sang and performed their Christmas poems while we watched. These are kids from really poor homes.  Every Haitian parent values education, I’ve never met one who didn’t. The costs are never ending. The uniforms, the books, the pencils, the shoes, the backpacks, and on and on.  It’s a gift beyond measure when these kids are sponsored for school. Now that’s a gift that counts. Every child, everywhere, deserves to sit in a classroom.
Another gift worth considering: The gift of written words.  We meet ladies who weren’t sponsored as children to go to school. They missed out. A book is a mystery and she guesses at medicine bottle instructions. She’s never read the Bible for herself.  She’s never read anything. Her thumbprint is her signature. Sending her to literacy class is like giving sight to the blind. She sees!
The sewing ladies make dresses, suits and frilly things. But what they want to make most of all is a pay check so they can feed their kids and pay their rent. They want to learn to sew to have a future, a trade, a job, a salary.  Giving to Heartline keeps these ladies in school. Finishing school could mean a paying job that gives dignity, food and bills paid. A worthy gift.
A Christmas gift to Heartline is a gift to all these programs. The dough boys who are learning life skills as they learn to bake bread. The cooking and baking class. A future job in a restaurant? The discipleship guys learning how to give rather than only receive. They are visiting prisons and hospitals. Learning how to minister to others and become men of honor.
The Maternity Center is where pregnant moms receive quality care and lots of education.
A gift to Heartline keeps all these programs going. A gift to Heartline is money well spent. A gift that won’t be returned or put in the back of the closet. A gift that matters!
Click here to give a Gift That Matters
 Beth McHoul
  1. leeann172 says:

    Yeeesssss! So well put Beth. Thank you! And I love the advent giving/prayer chart. It’s exactly what I was praying for this year.

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