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The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. John 10:10

Helping is easy, except when it isn’t, and often it isn’t. Helping is easy from a distance, but not so easy close up.

We just left a meeting with two guys from the slum, Cite Soleil. They’ve come to us several times, asking if we could start a literacy class for people in their area, except it can’t be in their area, and it can’t be in Cite Soleil. It can’t be in their zone in Cite Soleil because it isn’t safe and because people from other zones can’t just freely go into a different zone.

Heartline Literacy ClassThey came to tell us that they have found a place, outside of Cite Soleil, but close enough so the people can walk to it and not have to spend money on transportation. But they have no money for the rent. This class would be to teach adults, to read and write. Imagine not being able to read a book or write a few lines or even sign your name. Imagine going through life placing an ‘X’ as your signature because you can’t write your name.

The needs here seem never ending: Housing, School, Medical, Work, Food…Heartline has been here for 26 years, not just walking alongside those in need, but fighting for them.

I believe that if we love God, then it should matter if people can read or write. It should matter if people live in abject poverty. It should matter if people can’t get quality heath care. It should matter if people can’t find work and provide for their families. It should matter if people go hungry and not by choice. It should matter that kids can’t go to school. It should matter that people don’t know Jesus.

Heartline is here because we love God, and are fighting to make a difference in the lives of people that God loves, and for whom Christ gave His life.

Your prayers, your support, your encouragement, your giving helps us help others.

Thank you for caring! Thank you for making a difference!

John McHoul




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