How Hard Can It Be? (Trying to pay a school for our sponsorship students)

Posted: November 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

We here at Heartline can often be heard asking, “How hard can it be?” We usually ask this facetiously, as often the seemingly simple tasks can end up being incredibly difficult or complicated and time consuming.

ImageThis week I asked one of the Heartline staff to go the infamous slum Cite Soleil to pay the school that some of our sponsor students attend. Normally, he could be there and back in about one hour if he went on a motorcycle taxi.  But after three hours he hadn’t returned, and I became a tad concerned.

Now in Haiti, it often takes longer to get things done due to an mélange of reasons, circumstances and situations.  The most common reason these days is traffic, traffic, and more traffic.   After about four hours, he finally came back to the office and I could see by his face that what should have been relatively easy, had not been, and so I said, “Tell me what happen.”

He told me that he had paid the school and then he spent two hours hiding behind buildings because the Haitian police and the UN were in a gun battle with some of the gang members.  Finally he was able to navigate his way out of the slum, where he then was held at gunpoint (big guns) by the police, who suspecting him of being a gang member, told him, not in a gentle way, to lie on the ground. He, instead, lifted his hands and told them that he was there to pay a school bill, that he was not a gang member and that he didn’t have a gun.  They then, not so gently, frisked him and asked for some id.  He showed them his license, which didn’t impress them and then he showed them his Heartline id card and the receipt that he had gotten from the school.   This satisfied the police, who then let him go, but not before telling him that he was stupid to be in Cite Soleil that day.

In many respects the above is not an unusual day for us and other such organizations here in Haiti that are working to make a difference.  Helping people is not always easy, but that isn’t a reason to stop trying.  Often here in Haiti, what seems simple can be tremendously difficult.  And so I often think of the words found in Hebrews 12:1,2:

 “And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.  We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith.  Because of the joy awaiting him, he endured the cross, disregarding the shame.  Now he is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne.”

We then, by reading and believing these scriptures, gain the strength, determination, and heart to push on.  The sponsorship program is an investment into the lives of children and our hope in their children and children’s children, as well.  Is it easy, usually not?  Is that enough to stop us, no?

Some may wonder why we would go through this?  Why would we put ourselves in harms way?  The answers are simple really. We are grateful for what we have been given, and want others, especially those who would not have such opportunities without help, to be given a chance.

In Haiti, it is difficult to rise up out of the grasp of poverty without an education.  Those that have an education have opportunities to get a good job and can break the cycle of poverty that has held them in its grip.

We want these kids to know that there are people who believe in them.  We want them to know that there are sponsors that live hundreds of miles away, who they will probably never meet but who care enough to sponsor them.

We want them to know that God loves them, as do we, and we want them to understand that God’s love compels us to do what we can to make a difference and sponsoring a student is a wise investment into the life of the student, his family and into the nation of Haiti.

We are grateful for all you that sponsor through the Heartline programs and who support Heartline as we endeavor to be the hands of Jesus to the people of Haiti.    Check us out and see if you would like to join us and we live and minister in Haiti.

John McHoul

  1. C. Knutson says:

    Thank you, for making a difference in those children’s lives. Blessings-Cynde

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