How Hard Can It Be To Get Small Change For Our Bakery

Posted: December 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Guest Blogger: Nick Middleton

Nick oversees the Heartline Beltis Bakery, which is a part of the Heartline Men’s Discipleship Program. He writes:

“My first time to Haiti was a short term missions trip in Spring of 2011.  On that trip I felt a special bond to this country.  To be honest, it was a type of love-hate bond.  Now it’s mostly love, I think.  Since then, I’ve returned to Haiti twice short term working in an orphanage and then later with Heartline seven months in their driver position.  I had the cool opportunity to spend last summer living in a fishing village working to learn Creole.  Now I’m back with Heartline helping in their men’s discipleship program which I’m really excited about!  I’m planning to spend more time in Haiti and currently call it home.  The weird thing is my vocational background is aerospace engineering.  Go figure!”

Click on the link below to read about his adventure in trying to find small change for the bakery.  He later told me that he did find a place to change a 1000 gde bill, and after getting back to the bakery with the change, the place he changed the money with sent someone to tell Nick that the 1000 gde bill he gave to them was fake.  YIKES!

Finding Small Change in Haiti is an Uphill Battle


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