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It has been over a year since the earth shook on January 12th 2010 and we at Heartline are still working on providing housing for some who have been a part of our lives before and some after the earthquake.

Our recent efforts have been in an area called Corail, which is where the Haitian government has sort of herded people toward in an effort to get people out of the tent/tarp cities.

We this week have had two houses put up and are working on more as we are trying to place some of our people on land that we purchase, so that they, in the midst, of several thousand houses will already have community.  As with most things in Haiti the process which seems easy enough is complicated and it takes time.  But we are moving forward.

Pictured left is one of the houses, which is now finished.  And on the land which this house sits, we have put another house and are negotiating to purchase a small lot of land behind the two houses which will serve as a yard for the children. We also are in heavy negotiating for another piece of land on which we can put four or more houses.  This process can take a few days as there is a lot of posturing involved with the asking price being way past the value of the land and the initial offer being way below the value of the land.

Taking the pieces of the second house off of our group truck

Putting the pieces together

The two houses together gets Troy’s approval

And we of course didn’t forget the hole for the toilet/outhouse

We on Monday will go back out to Corail to complete the purchase of the land which will give these houses a yard for the children and we will finish painting the houses inside and out.

It is with a mixture of gladness and apprehension that the families move into their new homes. They are moving away from that which they have known to something new in a new area with new neighbors.  Please pray for them as they adjust to their new surrounding.  And please pray for Heartline as we endeavor to be the hands of Jesus in Haiti.

John McHoul



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